Umfrage #PBS 2020: „Die Welt ist voller Chancen und Gelegenheiten“

Die Aussichten für die Weltwirtschaft trüben sich laut Ifo-Institut weiter ein. Für die weitere konjunkturelle Entwicklung bestehen sowohl Chancen als auch Risiken. Wie beurteilen die PBS-Experten....
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Alfabet printing company is ready for expansion….

The Alfabet (B) printing company from Gent/Belgium has expanded its activities in the production of RING WIRE binding.

The demand for production of RING-WIRE-bound products has been growing at Alfabet Drukkerij in Gent for several years. For this reason, Dirk Matthys, Managing Director of Alfabet Drukkerij, needed to automate his production methods.

 Having previously purchased a MOBI 500 (an automatic machine for the binding of brochures and calendars bound with ring wire combs) from Chr. Renz GmbH, Alfabet Drukkerij now needed to take the next step. This was the purchase of a punching machine "AUTOPUNCH 360 DIGITAL" that Mr. Matthys also purchased directly from the manufacturer.

 Dirk Matthys commented: “We started processing ring wire bound documents on smaller RENZ machines, and when the time came for further automation, we got directly in touch with the manufacturer. The advice and support during the purchasing process has been very professional. Besides this, we are also very content with the service from RENZ for their punching and binding machines.”

 “We now have sufficient capacity to process our volumes easily in the shortest possible time. We even have room to punch and bind additional products for colleagues, partners and third parties! Automation allows us to process different formats within minutes and we are able to quickly process and deliver both small and large runs,” says the Managing Director.


Neues Mitglied in der Initiative Standort Deutschland

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RENZ Germany installed 3 machines in Hangzhou, China.

We successfully installed 3 of our Machines at the chinese company Hangzhou Yinjie Digital Printing Co., Ltd at the beginning of november.

Early November our export manager Olaf Gerber successfully installed and instructed 3 new machines in Hangzhou, China, during a trip to Asia. We are very pleased that we successfully installed a Punch 500 ES, AP 300 Compact and a MOBI 500 at the innovative company Hangzhou Yinjie Digital Printing Co., Ltd.


Mr. Zhou Xiaojun (GM) pointed out, that with this new investment our work will become much easier, more efficient and much more orders can be produced in the same time than before. We are convinced of the quality of the machines and are in close contact with Renz and their representative Z-Tec in Beijing from whom we have already purchased several other finishing machines.


Precision expands services with Argos UV coater

Precision Printing has installed an Argos F400 V5 UV high-definition flood coater to enhance its Where The Trade Buys service.
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Wellpappe statt Plastik - DS Smith stärkt Markenimage von RENZ

Büros, Copy-Shops und Druckereien rund um den Globus nutzen sie: die Stanz-, Binde- und Laminiersysteme der Firma RENZ. Seit April dieses Jahres liefert der Weltmarktführer sein hochwertiges RING WIRE Sortiment in einer gleichsam nachhaltigen wie identitätsstarken Verpackung. Herzstück der innovativen Lösung ist das von DS Smith entwickelte Innengefach. Die Einlage ersetzt die...
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RENZ Germany meets RENZ UK

German Student gets positive experience during his practical training abroad

The dual university course business engineering includes a theory-semester at the university in Heidenheim (DHBW) as well as a practical semester at a cooperating company. During the 2nd year of training the student has to get training at a subsidiary in a foreign country.

Our DHBW Student Alexander Berger was offered the opportunity to get his practical experience at RENZ (UK) Limited, our daughter company in Hatfield, England. “I liked actively participating in the areas of order processing, invoicing, route planning for deliveries and especially managing the online orders and offers on Amazon”, comments Alex.Berger on his experience in England. “Practical experience during studies helps a lot to get an insight into the whole company and a feeling for on-site working life.” He reports excitedly: “The highlight during my apprenticeship was a day out, taking part in the busy dynamic business life in London City with visits to several different dealers.”

Alex booked his accommodation in the Internet on his own initiative. A very friendly family welcomed him warmly and supported him with a lot of tips for sightseeing, shopping and sport activities. Hatfield is centrally located and can be reached by train from London Kings Cross station in 25min and in 55min from Cambridge.

With all the new experiences and positive impressions he gathered in England, our student came back and is now looking forward to his semester abroad, which he will spend in August in Seoul/South Korea. We are looking forward to his field report from Asia.

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